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Good Testday at PF International

Mad-Croc karting UK had a good testday on saturday 14th February at the Linconshire based PF International Kart circuit.

The weather played a big role in the day for Mad-Croc UK / PPR kart team drivers Jacob Stilp, Adam Smith and Max Stilp.

The day started with track being pretty wet, but by lunch time the slicks were being got ready and we managed to get a good amount of dry running as well.

With the first round of the X30 tour taking place at PF at the start of April, it was a good opportunity for the drivers to play around with setup and get a good base for wet and dry conditions as well as some miles around the track!

The day ended with the drivers setting fast lap times in both conditions, Although the team will return to PF before the first round, the day was a good start to the year at PF and the drivers can go into the first round with confidence.

mad croc PF test.jpg

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