PPR Kart Team become Official UK Importer

PPR Kart team is pleased to announce that they have become Armando Filini's Official UK importer of the Mad-Croc Kart.

2015 sees the arrival of Armando's new Mad-Croc Kart. The Italian team manager, one of the most respected in international karting, presents Mad-Croc Karting. The brand strictly connected - by name, colours, and logo, to the partnering Mad-Croc energy drink that already serves as sponsor in different motorsport categories. The team of professionals headed by Armando, is already very well established, having been extremely successful in the past years of racing around the world.

Simon Parker and Dan Stilp from PPR Kart team are delighted to join the Mad-Croc family as Mad-Croc Karting UK. Simon says: "After spending some time in the factory with Armando and seeing his passion for his new product and the dedication of his loyal staff make this really exciting times." "The joining of forces with Dan and his huge experience and vast knowlegde of the sport, just make this new package a force to be reckoned with!" The kart is available for all Rotax, Iame X30 classes and KZ..